Ice Bucket Challenge ALS Donations Break $50 Million Mark With Help From Bob Reif

ALS Icebucket Challenge Bob Reif Calls out NFL Owners: via @YouTube#IceBucketChallenge phenomenon
— Ed Reif (@EdReif) August 23, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

 is the gift that keeps on giving for the ALS Association. The organization raised more than $10 million on Thursday alone, it said, bringing its total haul since July 29 to $53 million. For comparison’s sake, the group raised $2.2 million during the same period last year.

The contributions, which have come from more than 1 million new donors as well as some old donors, are an enormous boon for the ALS Association, whose national office raised only $19 million in all of 2012.

Since the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral in early August, social media outlets have been crowded with videos of people dumping ice on their heads after delivering a short message explaining their support for research and treatment of Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Public figures who have taken the challenge include politicians like 

George W. Bush

 and movie stars like Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. Corporate America too has pitched in, including Rams Chief Marketing Officer, and President and CEO of Audible Sports Marketing,  

Bob Reif