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Who We Are

TAG is a strategic consulting agency that advises its clients on actionable plans to authentically engage with corporate, media and capital partners that expedite growth. TAG combines innovation with proven success methods to unlock the full value of the client's business.   





TAG has transacted more than $10 Billion in contractually obligated media, sponsorship, and intellectual property rights agreements.


TAG provides a wide range of advisory services with a commitment to accelerated growth for its clients. TAG focuses on identifying and unlocking value for its clients to maximize the potential of their business.

Equity Holdings

Audible Capital invests in companies doing business in the professional sports marketplace operating in the fields of digital media, technology, and consumer engagement. Learn more about Audible Capital.

TAG 45 Day Assessment

TAG utilizes its proprietary process to determine the potential of a business and delivers an assessment and go to market plan within 45 days prior to all committed engagements.


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