Productivity Mastery 101: Slack (free-to-use communication tool for your business)





“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” 

– George Bernard Shaw 


Anyone who has ever been in a leadership role knows that communication is the cornerstone of success. More than just giving direction to your direct reports, open communication is the flow of ideas across all levels and through all channels. Just as a free society thrives upon the free and fair exchange of ideas, so too does a small business, where an open forum for communication and an equal voice creates a shared vision of success and a foundational layer of trust. The importance of alignment in the workplace cannot be overstated, which is why open communication forms the first pillar of the streamlined small business. 


But what does open communication really mean? 



It means giving everyone an equal voice, not just an email address. This takes time, but the first step is creating an open forum where your team members can interact seamlessly and build their own unrestricted communication flow. The best free tool available today? Slack. 



Slack CMYK.png

Slack is a free-to-use communications platform that creates an open forum for company-wide communications. In their own words, Slack “unifies your entire team’s communications, making your workflow, well, flow a lot better. All the apps you need are seamlessly integrated into our platform, and you can easily search and find all your files, calls, messages, and colleagues in one place. “ 



It’s true. Slack is an invaluable tool, seamlessly integrating the other various tools we use and serving as the key unifier for our people and product. Need to attach a file? Want to start a private chat with the client? Want to connect with the marketing team and integrate their planning tools? Slack has it covered. In a world where over 43% of Americans spend at least some time working remotely, it’s increasingly important to have a tool that ties everyone together and gives everyone a voice in the process.1


Streamlining small business operations is key to increasing productivity. From open communication to resource organization and personal accountability, there are some key elements every small business should pursue and the tools listed above can help get you there. The Audible Group does not own or claim any ownership with regard to the above imagery or video content.

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