TAG's Newest Member Josh Moscot

 TAG is very proud to announce our newest team member  Josh Moscot , our new Director of Corporate Operations. #TAG #TheAudibleGroup 

TAG is very proud to announce our newest team member Josh Moscot, our new Director of Corporate Operations. #TAG #TheAudibleGroup 

TAG at Twitchcon 2017 w/ partners Streamhatchet (of Millennial Esports)

TAG with partner Streamhatchet (of Millennial Esports) absolutely crushed it at TwitchCon 2017 this year! @JakePhillips @EduardMontserrat & @AlbertBenitez managed to gain 200 new acquisitions as a result of #TwitchCon while receiving extremely positive feedback on the innovative Streamhatchet data & analytics platform.   

Here is a video link of Jake Phillips live speaking session at @twitchcon2017 https://go.twitch.tv/videos/183733802

#TAG #TheAudibleGroup #StreamHatchet #Millennialesports #TwitchCon2017


The Audible Group, will now also be known as TAG. Check out our new branding reveal here. Drop a comment below and let us know your thoughts on the new logo. HAPPY FRIDAY GUYS! #TAGSWAG



Bob Reif & Jake Phillips representing TAG at the 2017 Indy 500 this year. Live from the track! Great race and turnout this year. 

Here at TAG we made a wager between our inner team, here is how it works: each member of the TAG team picks 6 racers each. There are 33 total racers to pick from, 5 members on our team so 30 racers chosen. Wherever your racers place is how many points you receive per racer at the end of the race. (example if one of your racer ends in 33rd place you get 33 points) Lowest points WINS.


  • Jake: 9 – 3 – 29 – 1 – 2- 4 
  • Jourdon: 20 – 83 – 19 – 8 – 7 – 88
  • Mike: 98 – 28 – 16 – 15 – 14 – 63
  • Rachel: 21 – 27 – 22 – 24 – 50 – 17 
  • Bob: 12 – 10 – 26 – 5 – 77 – 18


  • Jake: 4th place : 121 pts
  • Jourdon: 1st place :  83 pts
  • Mike: 2nd place : 94 pts
  • Rachel: 3rd place : 104 pts
  • Bob: 3rd place 104 pts


Company offsite with the squad ! Coming up with squad goals & strategy for 2017-2018. A lot of big things in the works so PAY ATTENTION.

IT JUST GOT REAL YALL! when work goes up in flames (literally)

FUN FACT!!! Our office caught on fire today.

( scenario ): 

Jourdon pulls up from lunch. (fire alarm going off)

Rachel runs to balcony and screams (JOURDON THE OFFICE IS ON FIRE!!!)

Jake & Mike getting bowls, cups, blenders, Etc whatever they can find to put fire out.

It was crazy!!!!

In the end, Team Audible was able to successfully put the fire out and we worked hard to ACCELERATE the process of putting out this fire out. Oh and another fun fact, Rachel grabbed her Louie purse just in case the office burned down.


Sports Marketing: (NAB) Conference

Highlights of the NAB Show Conference

Other highlights of our trip:

  • Bob lost $300 dollars
  • Then won it back 
  • Then lost it again
  • Then won it back (Jake helped!)
  • Epic comeback
  • Made great relationship with Panasonic (special shout out to Panasonic)
  • Had a great company dinner (Major Keys)
  • Jake and Jourdon got lost in a parking structure for 30 mins
  • Went to In-N-Out before heading back to Cali (a real team treat, here at (TAG) The Audible Group we love us some IN-N-OUT, keep making those FIRE ASS burgers y'all!)

Sports Marketing: World Congress of Sports 2017

Great turnout this year at World Congress of Sports had a blast! looking forward to developing these relationships!